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“Line by Line was a godsend! They were timely and professional and developed my story and formatted
my manuscript. I couldn’t have done it without them!”

Malachi M.

“The dissertation consultation with Line by Line was just what I needed. I didn’t know that so much
more was needed but once we discussed it and went over the draft, it all made sense.”

Timothy W.

“The folks at Line by Line were professional and so knowledgeable! They made it a point to learn my
subject so they could help me to the fullest.”

Tikki T.

“I was only going for proofreading, but I’m so thankful that I had a conversation about my vision! Line by
Line was helpful with the grammar and punctuation.”

Tiffany L.

“Line by Line walked me through a timeline for completing my dissertation and also helped me with my
IRB review!”

Jason A.

“Don’t cheat yourself from having a professional editor! Definitely worth every penny.”

Tonya C.

“I could say so much and it wouldn’t do justice! Line by Line actually researched my topic to make sure
my manuscript was accurate in context and time period! WOW!!!”

Tracie R.

“I was reluctant when my advisor told me to hire an editor, but I am so glad that I did! Line by Line were
knowledgeable with APA Style, and they also have professional certificates in editing and proofreading. I
couldn’t argue with those credentials!”

Ricky S.

“They did exactly what they said they would do. NO surprises and extra costs. We communicated every
step of the way, and they did a final review to make sure I was satisfied. I’m impressed.”

Marsha P.

“I knew I wanted to tell my story but didn’t know where to start. Line by Line took the time to listen and
we developed a plan for getting my manuscript done. I’m so excited and motivated to get my first book

Michelle W.

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